Best Investment for a Healthier World


Why UHC Day is a Call to Action for the World’s Youth

Today, I remember Gabriel, a Panamanian boy half my age who first taught me how a fractured health system fails people.

Champion Women to Address the Health Workforce’s Leaky Pipeline

Humanitarian emergencies caused by infectious disease, conflict, and natural disasters have caused shock after shock to health systems worldwide.

The Humanity Behind Frontline Health Care

The job is difficult, frustrating, risky—and immensely rewarding. The Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health began with six powerful accounts from the front lines of health care.

Health Workers: the backbone of strong health systems

The world is at a crossroads when it comes to the health work force – and we have a major opportunity to close the gap.

How one Burundian doctor became the only OB/GYN in Sengerema, Tanzania

Dr. Harusha Simplice is the only obstetrician-gynecologist at Sengerema Designated District Hospital, serving over 700,000 people. After becoming a general practitioner Dr. Harusha secured his specialist training through Touch’s Treat & Train program, which improves medical education and patient care in the Lake Zone .

Advocating for Health Workers: Interview with Vince Blaser

Seed Global Health Director of Communications, Zack Langway, interviewed Vince Blaser about the role of the FHWC and why its mission is more important today than ever before.

Orthopedic surgeon recounts dangers, impact of working in war-zones and natural disasters

Read about Dr. Kumar, an orthopedic surgeon who has responded to conflicts and natural disasters the world over, from Nepal to Haiti, Nigeria, Somalia, and Syria.

To Achieve SDGs, Grow Economies, We Must Invest in the Frontline Health Workforce

We need to continue to push hard across all sectors and in all countries to invest in the frontline health workforce.

Strengthening the Health Workforce to Achieve the SDGs

To avoid preventable deaths, reduce maternal mortality, decrease HIV/AIDS prevalence, and achieve SDG 3 a robust, qualified, and motivated health workforce is essential.

Pandemic Preparedness: African Solutions to Global Problems

Clement Jaidzeka outlines the four major steps that can be taken continent-wide to ensure preparedness against outbreaks in the future.