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Let’s Transform Health Professional Education to Better Serve Our Youth and Communities

Taking a comprehensive, whole-of-system approach to transform health professional education can help us achieve health for all.

Breastfeeding Is a Team Sport, and Frontline Health Workers are Key Players

Even in hard-to-reach and vulnerable places, frontline health workers empower women with knowledge about breastfeeding and how to keep their babies healthy.

These Nurses Are Shining a Light on the Gender Barriers They Face at Work

The obstacles that keep many nurses out of leadership roles are systemic, structural, and age-old.

Health Workers: On the Front Lines of Global Health Security Duty

By Dr. Mariam Reda, Chemonics

Last month, the first Global Health Security Conference 2019 (GHS2019) took place in Sydney, Australia, gathering more than 800 participants from 65 countries to discuss strategies to advance global health security through partnerships,...

Trust, Capacity, and Innovation Help Local Organizations Reach Last-Mile Communities

Authors: Kristen Devlin and Kim Farnham Egan, JSI

According to the World Bank and the World Health Organization, at least half of the world lacks access to all essential health services. In pursuit of the goal of universal health coverage, countries are developing...

Building a Bridge for Better Infectious Disease Prevention and Control

Community members are partnering with frontline health workers to fight the cholera outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Advancing Nurse Leadership in the Health Workforce

By: Dr. Vanessa Kerry, Co-founder and CEO, Seed Global Health

A stark example of the entrenched barriers to nursing leadership was made evident to me on a trip to meet with partners from leading training institutions. We were to discuss ways we could collaboratively...

For Health Workers Behind the Scenes, Ukraine Works to Improve Access to Safe Blood for All

Health workers around the world need blood to save lives. But access to safe blood is not universal. For Blood Donor Day, join our member American International Health Alliance and its partners in Ukraine to raise awareness of the need for blood donations throughout the year.

Global Survey Suggests Gender-Related Barriers Stifle the Leadership Potential of Nurses

A new report by our members and partners brings together the voices of more than 2,500 nurses and nurse-midwives from 117 different countries on the topic of gender and leadership.

Women in the Workforce: Promoting the Rights, Well-being, and Contributions of Female Community Health Workers

This Women Deliver, Population Council take a close look at female community health workers and the integral role they play in holding up health systems all over the world.