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She Fights TB and HIV Door-to-Door on this Tanzanian Island

Community health workers like Nanzula link their neighbors to the essential primary health services they need.

A Day in the Life of a New York City Community Health Worker

A day in the life of a New York City community health worker sheds light on the work of community health workers around the world, ahead of the World Health Organization's community health worker guidelines.

From Liverpool to Astana: Frontline Health Workers Are a Catalyst for Universal Health Coverage

How we prioritize frontline health workers will make or break our vision of a world where equitable, quality health services are accessible to all.

On the Frontlines in Nigeria to End Polio Globally

In a world ravaged by seemingly insurmountable health challenges and disease epidemics, the eradication of polio remains uniquely attainable.

Learning from Health Workforce Strategies in Somaliland: Five Questions for Edna Adan

Edna Adan is a name familiar to many of us who work to strengthen health workforces around the world. Enda’s a strong and dazzling force dedicated to ending preventable and maternal death in Somaliland and eradicating the practice of female genital mutilation. Taking time out of a busy schedule at the recent United Nations General Assembly in New York, Edna, a longstanding friend of the Frontline Health Workers Coalition, answered some of our questions.

Clean hands – a recipe for health: linking hand hygiene and food hygiene

This year the theme for Global Handwashing Day was Clean hands - recipe for health. WaterAid's Om Prasad Gautam examines the link between food hygiene and hand hygiene.

Addressing Misconceptions and Eliminating the Stigma: Mental Health in Malawi

On World Mental Health Day, Seed Global Health interview their former volunteer, Amelia Rutter, about misconceptions in mental health in Malawi

End Tuberculosis by Empowering Community Health Workers

Tuberculosis claims about 4,300 lives a day. Human support from frontline health workers can make the difference between life and death.

Untapping the Potential of a ‘New’ Human Resource for Health: The Local Community Leader

Since October 2017, USAID’s HRH2030 (Human Resources for Health in 2030) has been implementing the Local Leadership and Management approach which focuses on strengthening the capacity of local community leaders in Bafia District of Cameroon.

These 5 Levels of Advocacy Are Moving the Needle on Contraceptive Use

In the struggle to end poverty, new ideas and powerful new voices are rising up, demanding change. And it's working.