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Reflections on 2020 from a Nurse and a Midwife

What does this year mean for us? How will we be honored —and how will we honor the profession?

In Florence Nightingale’s day, nursing was a lowly job—but she elevated it. Her working conditions during the Crimea war were deplorable, yet she left a legacy of patient-centered care...

To Spur Health Workforce Policy Progress, Listen to Frontline Health Workers

A community health worker from Kenya inspired global health advocates at the 2020 Prince Mahidol Awards Conference and UHC Forum.

Policy Changes in Tanzania and Beyond Unleash Full Power of Nurses

Imelda Ngonyani and other nurses in Tanzania are making a key HIV prevention strategy more available. This is the first post in our Frontline Perspectives blog series for the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

Health Is a Human Right, and Health Workers Are the Gatekeepers

The right to health and other human rights are inextricably linked on the frontlines of war and disaster.

For Hurricane Dorian Survivors, Emotional Distress Lingers

For World Mental Health Day, we honor survivors of climate disasters and health workers providing much needed mental health services.

Improving Primary Care by Championing Our Primary Resource—the Health Worker
Johnson & Johnson is delivering on the new Political Declaration for UHC by launching the Center for Health Worker Innovation to strengthen primary, community-based care.
Advocates of Universal Health Coverage Push for Clear Milestones, Accountability

After Member States adopted the UHC Declaration at the UN General Assembly, we’re left asking one big question.