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For Health Workers Behind the Scenes, Ukraine Works to Improve Access to Safe Blood for All

Health workers around the world need blood to save lives. But access to safe blood is not universal. For Blood Donor Day, join our member American International Health Alliance and its partners in Ukraine to raise awareness of the need for blood donations throughout the year.

Global Survey Suggests Gender-Related Barriers Stifle the Leadership Potential of Nurses

A new report by our members and partners brings together the voices of more than 2,500 nurses and nurse-midwives from 117 different countries on the topic of gender and leadership.

Women in the Workforce: Promoting the Rights, Well-being, and Contributions of Female Community Health Workers

This Women Deliver, Population Council take a close look at female community health workers and the integral role they play in holding up health systems all over the world.

It’s Time to NORMAL-ize Menstrual Bleeding Changes for Contraceptive Users

This World Menstrual Hygiene day take a look at some of the tools and practices that frontline health workers around the world use to help women understand the menstrual changes that can take place in their body while using hormonal contraception.

It’s Time to Be Impatient, to Achieve Health Equity

Conventional wisdom tells us that change takes time, but I would argue it is time to be impatient. We must challenge ourselves to be intolerant of the perpetuation of the two standards of care that exist in the world today; it results in unnecessary loss of lives and destruction of communities. Dr Vanessa Kerry says it's time to be impatient to achieve health equity!

Top Reads and Resources for Hand Hygiene in Health Facilities

Hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent health care-associated infections. This Hand Hygiene Day read five key resources to understand the role of hand hygiene in universal health coverage.

Midwives Can Reduce the Number of Preventable Deaths From Pre-Eclampsia: Research from Kenya and Nigeria

This International Day of the Midwife, learn from the Population Council on how they are working with midwives to reduce preventable deaths from Pre-Eclampsia.

Enabling and Elevating Midwives with “Whole-System” Support

This International Day of the Midwife, let's support midwives so they can reach their full potential and be the change agents we need.

Without Water, Health Workers Face An Impossible Task

Signalling the release of the important WHO-UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme report estimating water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in health care facilities, this article highlights crucial information about the importance of WASH in health facilities.

Why Hospital Medical Equipment Maintenance Is So Critical To Saving Lives, As Told By One of Tanzania’s Few Female Biomedical Engineering Technicians

Meet Nziza Pachal Rufutu, a 28 year old woman working a biomedical engineering equipment technician in Tanzania. Nziza supports frontline health workers and ensures that critical health equipment is operating to the highest possible standard.