Best Investment for a Healthier World

Digital Health

How Digital Health Technology Supports Universal Health Coverage

It's by strengthening the frontline health workforce.

COVID-19 and Digital Transformation for Health Systems

Can we sustain new ways of supporting community health workers?

New Regional Advisors Will Guide Coalition's Health Workforce Policy and Advocacy Work

We're expanding our leadership to include health workers and health workforce experts in the regions where we focus our advocacy.

The Future We Want: Increased Investments in National Health Workforce Accounts

A future with a well-trained, well-equipped, well-supported health workforce depends on more complete, timely, and high-quality health workforce data.

Digital Health 2.0: Getting Tools and Services to People Who Need Them Most

Community health workers can play a pivotal role in responding to COVID-19 if we invest in and commit to proven digital health tools.

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