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Trust, Capacity, and Innovation Help Local Organizations Reach Last-Mile Communities

Authors: Kristen Devlin and Kim Farnham Egan, JSI

According to the World Bank and the World Health Organization, at least half of the world lacks access to all essential health services. In pursuit of the goal of universal health coverage, countries are developing...

It’s Time to Be Impatient, to Achieve Health Equity

Conventional wisdom tells us that change takes time, but I would argue it is time to be impatient. We must challenge ourselves to be intolerant of the perpetuation of the two standards of care that exist in the world today; it results in unnecessary loss of lives and destruction of communities. Dr Vanessa Kerry says it's time to be impatient to achieve health equity!

More than a story: takeaways from the Health Heroes Plus Social Good Summit

As global health policymakers from around the world this week are discussing the financing needed to achieve universal health coverage on the sidelines of the World Bank spring meetings here in Washington – they would be wise to heed the stories and calls for investment and inclusion by the frontline health workers who spoke at the Health Heroes + Social Good Summit on April 5 during World Health Worker Week.

5 Insights on How Governance Can Help Build a Responsive Health Workforce

Abt Associates outlines key takeaways from an event on the importance of governance in achieving universal health coverage.

Why UHC Day is a Call to Action for the World’s Youth

Today, I remember Gabriel, a Panamanian boy half my age who first taught me how a fractured health system fails people.

Health Employment Ministerial Meeting Holds Promise To Advancing on Universal Access to Health Services

Investing in health benefits economies – in fact, evidence reveals the economic return on investment in health is 9 to 1 .

To Achieve #HealthForAll We Need Health Workers for All

At IntraHealth International, we start by working with our private and public health sector partners to engage communities, strengthen primary health care systems , and identify and support health workers to deliver high-quality, essential services.

Lesson From Rural Uganda: Focus on Community-Led Services to Achieve UHC, HIV/AIDS Targets

By Marielle Hart, International HIV/AIDS Alliance

Major political momentum has been building strong and sustainable systems for health: the United Nations General Assembly in 2012 passed a resolution urging...