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Health Worker Advocates: Who Are You Here for in 2019?

I'm here for Elie, a nurse in the north Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Karamoja’s Mothers and Children Reap the Benefits of Health Systems Investments

By Lindsey Freeze, IntraHealth International

This post originally appeared on Vital , IntraHealth International's blog.

Veronica Munges, 19, holds her newborn hours after his birth at Nadunget Health Center III in Moroto, Uganda. Photos by Tommy...
Why Investments in Frontline Health Workers Matter - Preventing needless deaths through trusted healthcare relationships

By Samalie Kitooleko, Nurse In-Charge of Uganda Rheumatic Heart Disease Registry and Belinda Ngongo, Global Health Leaders Fellow, Public Health Institute

This blog was originally posted at the Global Health Council blog .

It all started when I nursed a young...

Nurses and Stories Are a Powerful Combination

By Cecilia Amaral, IntraHealth International and Frontline Health Workers Coalition

This blog was originally posted on Vital , the IntraHealth International blog.

Samalie Kitooleko wants you to know that nurses are independent professionals who...

Through the Pharmacy Window

by Margarite Nathe, IntraHealth International

"When I was in grade 8, I was into two things: fashion and medicine,” says Elina Nantinda, a 25-year-old pharmacy assistant in rural Namibia. “So I decided to study hard. I thought, ‘It would be so nice to work with...

The Power of Storytelling: Unlocking Energy for Change

By Michelle Korte, IntraHealth International and Frontline Health Workers Coalition

Albert Medina, a paramedic with the Chicago Fire Department, tells the story of his inspiration to train his community on CPR. Photo by Michelle Korte for the FHWC.


The Female-Dominated Health Sector Needs More Women

By Corinne Mahoney, IntraHealth International

A lot has changed in health care since Peter Abwao grew up in a rural village in Kenya. Back then you couldn’t use a cell phone to beckon a health worker in the middle of the night. There was no website a parent could consult about a child’s...

To Achieve #HealthForAll We Need Health Workers for All

At IntraHealth International, we start by working with our private and public health sector partners to engage communities, strengthen primary health care systems , and identify and support health workers to deliver high-quality, essential services.

Loan Program Brings Peace of Mind to Kenya’s Aspiring Frontline Health Workers

The Afya Elimu fund plans to raise 1.5 billion Kenyan shillings (KES) by 2018 to train 20,000 health workers and help bridge Kenya’s health workforce shortage, which currently stands at a ratio of 15 health workers per 10,000 people.