Best Investment for a Healthier World

Medtronic Foundation

Integrating Care on the Front Lines: Leveraging Community Health Workers in Fighting Non-Communicable Diseases

Lizah Masis, Financing Alliance for Health

“Prevention and control should be at the center of NCD care to reduce the susceptibility of those at risk and to ensure the healthy remain healthy”

Dr. Bachani. Former Deputy Commissioner of NCDs, Ministry of Health,...

Why Investments in Frontline Health Workers Matter - Preventing needless deaths through trusted healthcare relationships

By Samalie Kitooleko, Nurse In-Charge of Uganda Rheumatic Heart Disease Registry and Belinda Ngongo, Global Health Leaders Fellow, Public Health Institute

This blog was originally posted at the Global Health Council blog .

It all started when I nursed a young...

AIDS2016: Opening One Door to Chronic Care

By Dr. Sanele Madela, Director Expectra Health Solutions, South Africa

NOTE: This post was written in collaboration with Jessica Daly and Belinda Ngongo of FHWC member Medtronic Foundation

“I am a mother, and my question is why was it so...