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Statement: Continued focus needed on heroic frontline health workers as Ebola recovery begins in West Africa

By Frontline Health Workers Coalition Staff

Frontline Health Workers Coalition (FHWC) Director Vince Blaser issued the following reaction to the World Health Organization’s declaration today that all known chains of Ebola transmission have been stopped in...

As Spirits Rise in Sierra Leone, Technology Offers More than Ebola Recovery

On Saturday, November 7, the World Health Organization declared Sierra Leone Ebola-f ree . Hundreds flooded the streets of Freetown to celebrate and pay tribute to those whose lives were lost during the outbreak.

Congressional Briefing Hears Hard Lessons Learned on Frontline Health Workforce Strengthening

By Maeve Halpin, IntraHealth International and Frontline Health Workers Coalition

It’s been more than 18 months since the Ebola epidemic began its devastation through Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, causing...

 International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps and The Frontline Health Workers Coalition Present

A Congressional Briefing on:


5 Ways to End AIDS by 2030

This article originally appeared in Devex .

By Margarite Nathe, IntraHealth International

When it started in the early 1980s, everyone was scared. No one knew how to help the people who were filling U.S. hospitals and then swiftly dying, or what to do for others suffering the...

Counting Community Health Workers “Counts”

By Cindil Redick, One Million Community Health Workers Campaign

CONARKY, Guinea – How many community health workers (CHWs) are there? What are community health workers’ tasks? How can we more efficiently integrate CHWs into national health systems...

Health worker heroes at the frontline of the Ebola crisis

By Philip Carroll, Save the Children

The Ebola outbreak which started in south eastern Guinea in early 2014, has now spread to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. Ebola has highlighted the devastating impact that a crisis can have on an already fragile health system and has also...

On the Frontlines of Armed Conflict: A First Responder’s Story

By Jenna Montgomery, International Medical Corps

Emergency room nurse Nora Hellman is a frontline health worker who has responded following natural disasters and during armed conflicts around the world to provide lifesaving medical care. With a background in wilderness medicine...

Health Workers on the Frontlines of Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

"Most of the dedicated health workers are really doing a commendable job, dedicating their lives to working in very difficult conditions and caring for persons that have come down with Ebola. What we need to do is commend them for their bravery and their commitment for caring for the...