Best Investment for a Healthier World

Global Health Security

More than a story: takeaways from the Health Heroes Plus Social Good Summit

As global health policymakers from around the world this week are discussing the financing needed to achieve universal health coverage on the sidelines of the World Bank spring meetings here in Washington – they would be wise to heed the stories and calls for investment and inclusion by the frontline health workers who spoke at the Health Heroes + Social Good Summit on April 5 during World Health Worker Week.

Making the World Safer from Health Threats

As we prepare to mark World Health Day on April 7, we celebrate the tremendous contributions of the United States government – and the American people – in creating a more secure world safe from disease through programs like the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).

Health Workers: Living at the Intersection of Health, Climate, and Global Security

This World Health Worker Week, it’s important to focus on the role of health workers in strengthening global security and creating a safer world – and how necessary that role is as we look toward the future.

A Connected Health Workforce is Essential to Global Health Security

By Corinne Mahoney, IntraHealth International They have the power to shut down cities, damage national economies, and even jeopardize the Olympic Games. As one epidemic after another has emerged during the past few years, we in the global health community have become hypervigilant about global...

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