Fostering the next generation of health workers

By Dr Sanele Mandela, founder of  Expectra 868 Health Solutions This blog was originally posted on the NCD Alliance website. During a 70th World Health Assembly event on access to diabetes medicines and care in underserved populations, health worker Dr Sanele Madela … Continue reading

Why Investments in Frontline Health Workers Matter – Preventing needless deaths through trusted healthcare relationships

By Samalie Kitooleko, Nurse In-Charge of Uganda Rheumatic Heart Disease Registry and Belinda Ngongo, Global Health Leaders Fellow, Public Health Institute This blog was originally posted at the Global Health Council blog. Samalie’s Story It all started when I nursed a young … Continue reading

What social accountability means for frontline health workers–digging into the black box

By Eric Sarriot and Karen Waltensperger, Save the Children USA Social accountability in health refers to a group of approaches bringing health professionals, providers or managers, together with community members, or clients, in order to improve quality of services by … Continue reading

Nurses and Stories Are a Powerful Combination

By Cecilia Amaral, IntraHealth International and Frontline Health Workers Coalition This blog was originally posted on Vital, the IntraHealth International blog. Samalie Kitooleko wants you to know that nurses are independent professionals who undergo years of education and do not … Continue reading

Through the Pharmacy Window

by Margarite Nathe, IntraHealth International “When I was in grade 8, I was into two things: fashion and medicine,” says Elina Nantinda, a 25-year-old pharmacy assistant in rural Namibia. “So I decided to study hard. I thought, ‘It would be so … Continue reading

International Day of the Midwife: Midwives, Mothers and Families are Partners for Life

By Nancy Kamwendo, White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood Malawi Midwives everywhere understand that by working in partnership with women and their families they can support them to make better decisions to have a safe and fulfilling birth. Today, May … Continue reading

The Power of Storytelling: Unlocking Energy for Change

By Michelle Korte, IntraHealth International and Frontline Health Workers Coalition Listening – that’s what I’m here to do at SwitchPoint, IntraHealth International’s annual “unconference” hosted in rustic Saxapahaw, nestled along the Haw River in an arrestingly green North Carolina wood. Listening … Continue reading

From the frontlines of care: Q&A with Ugandan midwife Venny Musasizi

By Gillian Leitch, Jhpiego Uganda At the 2017 Nurses and Midwives Symposium in Kampala, Uganda, I had the opportunity to speak with Venny Musasizi, an inspiring midwife working in one of the hardest to reach districts in Uganda. The symposium … Continue reading

Meet four African Women on the Frontlines Fighting Malaria

By Spencer Crawford, ONE Campaign Filumba, Judy, Bertha, and Sule are protecting their communities from the world’s deadliest animal — the mosquito. They work for a US-funded project called Africa Indoor Residual Spraying (AIRS) that helps prevent malaria by spraying … Continue reading